Algebra 2 Honors

Welcome To Dr. Allison’s HONORS ALGEBRA 2 CLASS!

Dear Parents & Students:

It is an honor to be your/your child’s Algebra II Honors instructor.
I look forward to partnering with you for your/ your child’s success!
Algebra II Honors is a rigorous course and will require a great deal of effort on your child’s part to be successful!

Regular Practices for Student Success:

  • Students need to be spending at the very least 20-30 minutes a night, Monday – Thursday and one day on the weekend on focused math work. [By “focused” I mean cell phones off, no head phones, no TV, no music.]
  • Students should check each answer for correctness.
  • Students should ask for help if they don’t understand or can’t solve a homework problem correctly.
  • Office Hours/focused work study sessions are held in my classroom after school M, T, Th, F.

Please use my Google Class Page For all your class assignments and announcements.


Paige Allison Email: Phone: 352.392.1554 x255