AP Photography

AP 2-D – Creative Photography

Students work in a self-directed environment to develop a portfolio showing a body of their own work that visually explores a particular artistic concern, articulated and supported by a written artist’s statement. Artists will work in digital photography, and/or new media and emerging technologies that demonstrate understanding of design principles as applied to a 2-dimensional surface. Students regularly reflect on aesthetics and art issues individually and as a group, and manipulate the structural elements of art and organizational principles of design to create 2-dimensional works of art that are progressively more innovative and representative of the student’s artistic and cognitive growth. In keeping with the rigor expected in an accelerated setting, students’ portfolios show personal vision and artistic growth over time, mastery of visual art skills and techniques, and evidence of sophisticated analytical and problem-solving skills based on their structural, historical, and cultural knowledge. Students are self-directed and display readiness for high levels of critical thinking, research, conceptual thinking, and creative risk-taking. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials.

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