AP Calculus


Welcome to AP Calculus. This is a college level course and will require that you remember information from previous math classes and use it in different ways. If you fall behind, please attend help sessions and catch up immediately.

Help sessions will be Tuesday after school unless posted otherwise.


A TI 84 plus Graphing calculator will be signed out to students. If you are buying a calculator the TI 84 plus is recommended. The only other requirements will be pencil and paper every day.


Unit Plan – Bice – Calculus – Unit 1 – 2018-2019

Unit Plan – Bice – Calculus – Unit Derivatives – 2018-2019

Unit Plan – Bice – Calculus – Unit Limits – 2018-2019


Jim Bice Email: jbice@pky.ufl.edu Phone: 352.392.1554