Senior Project

Topic Proposals

  1. Narrow/Focused- Your topic should be specific. Do not over generalize or become too broad with your topic.
    1. Allow your leading question to guide you in the pursuit of a clear concise topic.
  2. Scholarly- Remember that you must be able to do research on your topic.
    1. Remember that you must use multiple resources like books, credible journal articles, and the like when writing your paper. Choose a topic with this in mind.
  3. Organization- Briefly explain your plan of action for completing your research paper.
    1. After explaining what your topic is go on to explain why you chose your topic.
    2. Explain your anticipated process for Utilizing UF (Using resources from the university campus libraries)
    3. Describe your ideal Subject Matter Expert. (Remember this person cannot be related to you)
    4. What impact does your topic have on the Greater Gainesville community? The state of Florida?
  4. Format- Write your proposal in APA format. This is the same format as your weekly reflections.
  5. Length- This proposal should be between 2-3 paragraphs long.
  6. Email- Remember to email your proposal to me,, by September 25th/26th.

Course Description and Objectives

The goal of the senior project is to allow students to design and pursue a project of interest during their final year at PK Yonge Developmental Research School. Typical projects fall into one of the following categories: creative, academic, career, or service.

The senior project is a graduation requirement. Tangentially connected with the senior project is another graduation requirement, namely, the 75 community service hours that every student must complete.

To earn a passing grade for the senior project and receive credit, students must meet deadlines, closely follow either their Purlieu class page or the PK Yonge website Senior Project class page, and attend any required meetings.

Seniors will develop an appropriate senior project topic proposal with clearly articulated goals. The topic proposal must be emailed to me, in the proper format explained on the Purlieu course description page, on the due date September 25th or 26th. Proposals must be approved before the project can be initiated.

All students will write a research paper on the aforementioned approved topic and design a PowerPoint presentation which will be evaluated by faculty and community judges on Presentation Day.

Theodore Lightbourne Email: Phone: 352.392.1554 x266