School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council serves in advisory capacity and as a resource to the director and principal. Membership includes director and principal; and elected parents, teaching faculty, and staff. A UF College of Education representative is selected in consultation with the Dean. Community members are appointed by the director.

Download: School Advisory Council By-laws

SAC meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Officers 2016-17
Chair: Diyonne McGraw –
Secretary: Cathy Atria, Ph.D. (Principal) –

Current meeting agendas, minutes, and documents are found below. Visit SAC Documents to find past meeting agendas, minutes, and documents

Current School Year Agendas | Minutes | Documents

August SAC Agenda Aug. 2016 SAC Minutes Aug. 2016
September SAC Agenda Sept. 2016 SAC Minutes Sept. 2016
October SAC Agenda Oct. 2016 SAC Minutes Oct. 2016
November SAC Agenda Nov. 2016 SAC Minutes Nov. 2016
December  No meeting
January SAC Agenda Jan. 2017 SAC Minutes Jan. 2017
February SAC Agenda Feb. 2017
  Meeting Cancelled Proposed Calendar 2017-2018
March  SAC Agenda March 2017 Proposed Calendar 2017-2018


Responsibilities of SAC

Responsibilities include developing and implementing the School Improvement Plan, overseeing allocation of funds to school improvement, and provide annual review, input, and approval of use of activity fees. [FS 1001.452; FS 1002.32.8(a)(1)]

School Recognition Funds

At the November meeting, the SAC reviews and approves the faculty proposal for distribution of school recognition funds. (FS 1008.36)

Faculty Travel Requests

The SAC accepts, reviews, and approves use of school improvement funds to support teacher travel to make presentations at local, state, and national conferences.

Activity Fees (FS 1002.32.5)

The mission of P.K. Yonge Activity Fees was clarified by a SAC Subcommittee and approved by SAC May, 2012: The P.K. Yonge activity fee allows all students an equal opportunity to be enriched by the school experience. This fee is used to support student activities and services beyond the core instruction programs. Student fees will not be used to support facilities or school operations. The P.K. Yonge School Advisory Council reviews and approves the Activity Fees budget each year.