Susan Ireland

Counselor - Secondary

Contact Information

Phone: 352.392.1554 x261


Position: School Counselor for Grades 6, 7, 8, 9
Education: Certificate in Educational Leadership – Lehigh University, Pa.;
Masters of Science in Education with Specialization in Counseling – Hofstra University, NY,;
Bachelor of Science in Social Welfare – State University of New York at Albany, NY.

I have been a School Counselor at PKY since the 2005-2006 school year. Prior to my move to Gainesville, I worked as a HS counselor in Pennsylvania for 12 years and as a HS counselor in New York for 10 years. Having the opportunity to get to know so many terrific PKY students is a wonderful part of my job!

Other members of my family include my husband, my 2 daughters and my golden retriever. One of my favorite places is the beach. My new hobby is stand up paddle boarding.

I enjoyed my Sabbatical Leave during the 2013-2014 school year, but it is good to be back and good to see so many smiling faces!

People sometimes ask “what does a grade 6 through 9th grade counselor do?” Here is the role and some of the responsibilities of your grade 6-9 school counselor. School counselors address all students’ academic, career, and personal/social developmental needs. I designed and helped evaluate a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes student success. I, along with the entire family and student service team, support and promote a safe learning environment for all students. I provide direct and indirect services to students. Direct services include classroom guidance and curriculum on topics including bullying prevention, career exploration and planning, decision making, and academic planning, which includes graduation requirements. Direct services also include individual planning to establish personal goals. I provide responsive services which are designed to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns, including crisis response. Indirect services are provided to all students and this refers to regular consultation and collaboration with teachers, parents, administrators and other support team members. I work with our 455 grade 6-9 students individually, in small groups and in classroom settings to insure that students feel safe and are staying on track academically.
Students requiring an appointment should go to room I106 and complete a “Counseling Service Request Form”. Parents requiring an appointment should use the contact information above.

I hope everyone has a happy and successful school year.