Greg Cunningham

Instructor - Secondary Social Studies

Contact Information

Phone: 352.392.1554 x344


Position: English Language Arts & Reading Instructor
Education: B.A., University of Florida, Gainesville

Greg Cunningham has taught secondary reading and English language arts at PK for 16 years. Before that he taught at Dunnellon Middle School in Marion County. He has lived in Gainesville most of his life, and is a PK lifer (1966-1979).

He is fascinated by the art and science of teaching and compelled to learn as much as he can, which has led naturally to helping other teachers and pre-service teachers through internships, summer workshops and PK’s own Research In Action days. He believes that it’s the focus on professional development and outreach that makes PK is such an amazing place to work – not always easy, but amazing.

He knows well Florida’s standards and high stakes testing program, and has served on a number of state-wide and content review committees.
He finds the work fascinating, but strongly believes that, as important as testing standards is, it’s more important not to lose sight of the number one goal: getting kids excited about their own literacy.