Ann Harding

Instructor - Secondary Performing Arts

Contact Information

Phone: 352.392.1554 x292


Position: Middle School Performing Arts Teacher
Education: Bachelors in Music Education, The University of Colorado, Boulder;
Masters of Music with emphasis in Education and Conducting, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Hello and welcome to my class page! I am coming to PK from Colorado where I have been teaching band and choir for the past 8 years. I am so excited to be joining PK Yonge! This year, we will achieve great things.

As a music teacher, I devote myself to two important causes:
1. Helping all people to make music a part of their lives, and
2. Advancing the art of music.

I believe that all people have the right to an education in music that:

  • Teaches them the lifelong joy of making music through singing and playing instruments
  • Gives them a chance to express through music what cannot be expressed in words
  • Helps them to respond to music intellectually and emotionally
    Teaches them the language of music notation and opens the door to improvising, composing and arranging
  • Equips them to make informed judgments about musical works and performances
  • Educates them in the music of all cultures and historical eras
  • Allows them to discover and develop their special talents, including preparing to make music their profession, if they so choose
  • Prepares them to be involved with music throughout their livesI teach music because—music makes a difference in the lives of people.